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Automatic Doors

The introduction of Automatic Doors into our business is the latest achievement made by our company. We signed up on a contract with Dorma Saudi Arabia and Albitar Factory is now the Official Distributor of Dorma Automatic Door Operators in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.


The machines bought from us as well as installed from us will have 1 year warranty based on terms and conditions. Here also our customers could find the advantage of having the complete set required for automatic doors at a single destination.


For Installation works, we currently have a team of five members with a supervisor and they are well trained by Dorma and ourselves. Considering the Automatic door works performed so far and the profit we got from these works shows that we are truly on the track of success.


There a various types of automatic doors available, each offering specific characteristics which makes them suitable or different applications. They usually all have an operator, a control system, motion sensors and a safety equipment.

Different types of automatic doors:

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