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Since the inception of 1974, Albitar Factory Co. always has been one of the prominent leaders in the local and worldwide glass manufacturing sector.


Albitar Factory Co. with its clients is based on the number of important commitment including provision of high quality products manufactured according to the highest international standards, fast services as well as the specially tailored services and products meeting specific requirements.


The strategic expansion allowed leveraging the existing infrastructures, as well as benefiting from the market, goodwill enjoyed by Albitar Factory as a whole. Currently the company fabricate a wide range of glass products such as façade building, all type of super strength glass units, high standards works, aluminium works, decorative steel, structural steel...etc.


Today Albitar Factory is one of the Saudi Arabia's leading suppliers of glass and decorative steel and aluminium windows and doors. The factory range of products is diverse and geared towards meeting domestic demands and surplus to the regional markets.


Quality and customers services are our priority objectives and this is completed with experience, professional management and equipment which make us the leading glass manufacturer in the region.


Mission Statement

To provide the local and global market with aluminium, glass,steel, stainless steel and cladding products as required and in a timely manner with competitive price, without comprising the quality level.


Our Vision


Our vision towards successful business is to keep continuous efforts to become an excellent supplier and contractor of high quality products and pilot projects. We fulfil our commitments to our customers. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation and highest standards of business.The management of the group has clear policy to achieve the highest standards and expand the business in multi directions.

Our business has grown steadily and today we are one of the leading manufactures, contractors and suppliers in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council GCC’s markets.As the structure of many industries is changing at very fast speed due to mergers and restructuring of large corporations, the group is working with affiliated companies to attach more weight towel-coordinated management throughout the group. Specially, is positioning its businesses in steel structure design, fabrication and erection, industrial building, civil construction and trading in industrial materials and equipment.Our group is working hard to hold up the efficiency and speed of its management and strengthen its operations by improving costs, quality, delivery times and R&D capabilities.We believe that our people are the key asset who will achieve and transfer our vision into a reality and we will continue to invest in people who does not only share our vision but also have the professional skills in these industrial fields..


Our Values






Best Performance









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