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Zouhair Albitar, General Manager

Albitar Factory W.L.L., since its foundation on 1974, has been a pioneer company, in the field of glass, steel, stainless steel and Aluminium Works, locally and globally. That came through the company’s advanced programs, plans and sincere efforts and hard work of the staff of the company, and the company’s strong relationships with its valued customers.

Albitar Factory relationship with its customers is based on a number of important commitments include providing them with high quality products, we are closely with highest and best international standards, and speed the delivery of services and manufactured products according to customers’ requirements and their need for these requirements are achieved. The Company of Albitar Factory is the largest manufacturers of glass, Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium windows and doors in Saudi Arabia.

The company of Albitar Factory is one of the first & foremost factories in the Kingdom, with high experience in all types of works of glass, Aluminium, cladding and stainless steel, as well as obtaining many agencies of international companies.


Zouhair Albitar

General Manager

Mahmoud Albitar, Deputy  General Manager

Each individual employee at Albitar Factory brings a different skill set to the table and combined, they are one voice working to provide unbeatable customer service. When it comes to serving you, the first step is to determine what your needs are. Your primary contact may or may not have the exact skill level you need for a particular purpose. It is our job to provide that knowledge and the end result you desire.

Total Customer Satisfaction is possible when you deliver more than is expected. Albitar Factory employs over a 80 people, many of these individuals have as much as 41 years’ experience in our factory, as well as careers dedicated to building projects.


In order for us to best address your needs, it requires us to care and more importantly, be involved from the beginning to the end of your project. To beat your expectations of us, it requires us to use all of the talent and skill employed at Albitar Factory. It is up to us to work together and identify where we can best assist you. You are the customer and we will respond to your demands. .



Mahmoud Albitar

Deputy General Manager

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