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HSE Policy

Albitar Factory is doing its best efforts to maintain a safety and healthy work environment for all its employees. The management also is responsible to inform and note all employees in regard with requirements and standards of safety through effective communication, proceeding periodical inspections and training them correctly and continously.

Inorder of this responsibility, the management has made a program of workplace safety and explaining the procedures and related steps of safety and security of the facility and the employee, protection factors from accidents and strategies to maintain the environment, a matter which should be acknowledge by every person, follow it, and apply the purpose of this program.


We make sure thatour employees use their personal protecive equipments (PPEs) such as eye goggles, safety gloves, masks, shoes, apron etc. The management also strives to ensure the following :


  • professional advice is obtained, where necessary, to identify the most suitable types of PPE for the tasks to be carried out.


  • training is provided to supervisors and employees to enable them to ensure the proper selection, fit, use, cleaning and maintenance of PPE.


  • supervision and enforcement of the PPE policy is undertaken.


  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the PPE program is carried out on a regular basis


Albitar Factory is working hard to improve and develop programs and performance in regard wth the environment, safety and health.

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