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Albitar factory is glass, Aluminium,stainless steel,auto doors البيطار

Albitar factory is glass, Aluminium,stainless steel,auto doors البيطار


Specifications for G.R.C

G.R.C. (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is:


A mixture of Cement, fine silica sand, water, chemical admixtures and Alkali Resistant Glass Fibers Lightweight, ease and speed of handling, with reduced erection.


1- Low maintenance requirements.


2- Low permeability i.e. good waterproof property.


3- Excellent fire resistance property.


4- Environmental acceptability i.e. excellent anti corrosive property.


5- Ability to reproduce fine surface details.


6- Reduce loading on building leading to substantial reductions in structural and foundation cost, especially useful for building renovation or restoration.

The high strength GRC's endurance because of its hardness because it contains fiberglass and chemical additives that gives it solidity


The lightweight GRC's because it is up to the thick between 8 mm to 15 mm


GRC has a wonderful resistance as it is resistant to salt water, chemicals and environmental factors and is not affected by acid rain and salt and most chemicals


GRC has a wonderful ability to implement complex shapes with ease only dream and your dream will be achieved no matter how complicated

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