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Albitar factory is glass, Aluminium,stainless steel,auto doors البيطار

Albitar factory is glass, Aluminium,stainless steel,auto doors البيطار

Fire-Rated Glass

When you think of fire protection in the building, the first thing that comes to mind? Fire extinguishers? Smoke alarms? Water spray systems? It may not comes to mind at all that glass can be performed this role.

Fire-Rated Glass, and as the name implies, is a processed glass which is able to withstand high levels of heat that can not afford by ordinary glass. It may seem strange that the glass industry, which is mainly from exposure to heat, can withstand high levels of them. But modern technology has added this unique property of the glass.

This glass contains a high proportion of silica as it contains boric acid, and this component can help glass to withstand dramatic changes in temperature without cracking or broken or changing its properties, it has become used on a large scale in recent years, and in many areas such as chemical devices and modern cooking utensils known as Pyrex and in other industrial and household uses.


For comparison, ordinary glass can withstand temperatures less than 100 ° C before crashing, while the tempered glass can carry about 260 ° C, and in return, the Fire-Rated Glass can carry 2,500 to 3,000 degrees C.


In recent years it has become Fire-Rated Glass is widely used in fire protection systems in buildings,
The aim is to provide protected areas to contain the fire within the building, and the provision of safe escape routes for the evacuation of people, or the provision of areas

Safe for fire-fighting forces, or even the protection of the equipment inside the building, it helps in keeping the flames and smoke from spreading from one room to another and so on.

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Fire Rated Glass
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